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I want a Parenting Framework!

Transform Parenting Challenges into Opportunities 
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Effective parenting doesn't just happen. It's intentional.

Let's unlock your home's full potential together. With expert guides, classes, and coaching, you will achieve more love, control, and the results you've been hoping for in your home.


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A Positive Parenting program that works! 

You can learn how to be a better parent.


Parent Coach - MegAnne Ford is teaching you the tools to be a better parent!

Empowering you with positive parenting tools and methods that work every time. With online courses and community, invest in your family's future!

What is a parent coach?

My approach to positive parenting is different.

Being a parent these days may seem impossible, and so many different people are telling you the best way to parent your child.

You already know how to be the best parent to your child. 

My hands-on approach as a parent coach is to support you in unlocking your next best parenting self.

The C.L.E.A.R. Method I teach alongside other Positive Parenting methods and techniques helps you acquire awareness, education, and practice, the three pillars to becoming an even better parent. 

Shifting from chaos and uncertainty to calm and confidence one curated step at a time. 

Perfection is out - Taking Action is in

Empowered Parents Raise Empowered Children.

em·pow·er verb | make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights.

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A Guaranteed Parenting Transformation 

Using the C.L.E.A.R. Method and other Positive Parenting techniques and strategies, you will feel a difference in your home. If you feel out of control and are ready for change, you have found the right place. The provided online parenting classes and program will get to on the road that leads you to success. 

Be Kind Coaching | The Journey | Parent Coach



Feeling out of control

Yelling daily

Feeling unsupported

Extreme Emotions

Be Kind Coaching | The Journey | Parent Coach



The C.L.E.A.R. Method

Childhood Development


Finding understanding

Be Kind Coaching | The Journey | Parent Coach


Putting your "Air-mask" on

The C.L.E.A.R. Method

Process over Product wins

Learn from community

Learning from Mistakes

Be Kind Coaching | The Journey | Parent Coach



Finding control

Peace in the proccess

Feeling Seen

Navigating big emotions

Your New Parenting Tool

The C.L.E.A.R Method is a tool you can use in every situation with your children. One tool that will support your relationship with your child is a tool that will make you a better parent.  

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Parents like you investing in the transformation

These parents choose their hard. Going down this route is not easy; it is hard, but so is the yell-guilt-gift cycle! You know, the one where you yell, punish, and then feel guilty an hour later and gift them maybe an hour of screen time only to start the whole process over when they will not turn the TV off. 
You have options.

Be Kind Coaching | The Journey | Parent Coach

Mom of Three


"My challenge was yelling. I would try not to yell, but nothing worked. I felt like a pressure cooker, holding on until BANG. ‚ÄėThere I go again,‚Äô ‚ÄėWhy can‚Äôt I control myself, ‚ÄėI‚Äôm such a bad mom.‚Äô¬†I¬†felt like it was out of my control. MegAnne and her C.L.E.A.R Method became the light at the end of the tunnel.¬†I have learned compassion for myself and a new perspective."

~ Devin E. ~

Be Kind Coaching | The Journey | Parent Coach

Mom of Two


"I wanted to control my son's behavior. I felt his reactions to life were over the top, and he never listened at the moment. All the ‚Äėnormal‚Äô ways did not work on him. He would take what I did and amplify it.¬†I felt horrible, I felt lost, I felt scared.¬†MegAnne‚Äôs methods have released me.¬†I am no longer feeling responsible for all my son or daughter's emotions.¬†I can empathize with them and hold space without taking those big feelings as my own."

~ Dani R. ~

Be Kind Coaching | The Journey | Parent Coach

Mom of Three


"My biggest challenge has been integrating and parenting my nephew. He has trauma that affects every part of his life.  I went to many different spaces and resources without a sense of feeling supported.  I find this program validating and supportive. I have embraced the process over the product. Since I have had the #kindsquad, I can transfer that kindness and understanding to my kids. We are feeling more at ease around the house these days."

~ Tishia M. ~

Be Kind Coaching | The Journey | Parent Coach

Mom of Two


‚ÄúI knew I wanted to parent differently than what I saw around me.¬†I felt hopeless and scared after hearing ‚ÄúNO‚ÄĚ all the time.¬†I learned a little more about myself and my amazing kids every step of the way. Shoes make it to the basket most days, and when they don‚Äôt, and¬†I start feeling loss again, I turn toward the community.‚ÄĚ

~ Steph C. ~

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The Blueprint

Feeling frustrated trying to understand your child's behavior?

Learn to parent the child you have by getting to know their unique needs and tendencies. This will help you connect rather than build walls.

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Hey, I am MegAnne Ford, and I am a positive parenting coach. 

You might feel like you've tried everything you can to get your child to listen and behave, and it seems like nothing works!

I am a parent coach working to help parents, just like YOU (who feel like they're at their wits' end!), understand how to get their children to listen without yelling, shaming, blaming, and punishing by working among three pillars, awareness, education, and practice.

That might sound like magic, but it's not! Clients call me the modern-day Mary Poppins, but I'm happy to share my secret with you- it's about focusing on the foundation, not the decorations.

If you wake up daily thinking, "Today, I will not yell or get physical with my kids." It starts great, and then that one thing drops, screams, hits, doesn't listen, and you lose it!

YOU ARE NOT ALONE, and ALL HOPE IS NOT LOST! I guide my clients to practice tools of connection, limits, empowerment, accountability, recovery, and many more positive discipline techniques.

Waiting for this "phase" to pass is not working for you. You are ready to feel more in control. You are prepared to have a solid and nurturing relationship with your kids. You look ahead 20 years and dream about a great relationship with your children.

If you want to know about "the cycle" I am referring to, check out this post on Instagram.


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