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Reflect for your FUTURE

I love being a positive parenting coach and sharing the tools I have developed and practiced over the last 20 years. Seeing families just like yours, be kind in the challenging moments.

My program does not include perfection, constant calm voices, or mandatory special time.

Would you rather?

  1. Have a loved one say, "Okay, I am setting the timer to do something with you..." The loved one is physically present, but their mind seems far away, maybe on the day's to-do list. 

  2. When you get home from a rough day and look low, your loved one comes and sits next to you and holds space by saying, "You are looking sad." No inquisition, no "making it feel better," just being there 100%.

After you reflect on what you would rather have, I invite you to ask yourself what version your child would want.

For many of us, this kind of response was not taught, but we longed for it. Let your future self thank your present self for taking the next step. 

I want to know more

What does it take to stop yelling at your child?

Emotional Intelligence

Learning and practicing emotional awareness, self-control, empathy and positive social skills.


Setting and holding respectful limits and boundaries that help children build a strong sense of belonging and capability.

Safe Failures

Helping parents and children to feel comfortable making and learning from mistakes and natural consequences.

I can help you create a peaceful home by providing

Online Classes

Multiple offers to start you on your positive parenting journey. The work is ready for you when you are ready to work it.


I will be there to celebrate and support you. It is time to start celebrating the small process wins.


You are not alone. Being a parent is hard work, and feeling supported makes it a little easier.

Empowered parents raise empowered children.

em·pow·er verb | make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights.

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What will my transformation look like?



Feeling out of control

Yelling daily

Feeling unsupported

Extreme Emotions



The C.L.E.A.R. Method

Childhood Development


Finding understanding



Putting your "Air-mask" on

The C.L.E.A.R. Method

Process over Product wins

Learn from community

Learning from Mistakes



Finding control


Feeling Seen

Navigating big emotions


What is inside your tool box?

Have you ever thought of your parenting as a set of tools? Find out how your tools match up to C.L.E.A.R. & Kind tools.

Mom of Three


"My biggest challenge has been integrating and parenting my nephew. He has trauma that affects every part of his life.  I went to many different spaces and resources without a sense of feeling supported.  I find this program validating and supportive. I have embraced the process over the product. Since I have had the #kindsquad, I can transfer that kindness and understanding to my kids. We are feeling more at ease around the house these days."

~ Tishia M. ~

Mom of Two


“I knew I wanted to parent differently than what I saw around me. I felt hopeless and scared after hearing “NO” all the time. I learned a little more about myself and my amazing kids every step of the way. Shoes make it to the basket most days, and when they don’t, and I start feeling loss again, I turn toward the community.”

~ Steph C. ~

Mom of Two


"I wanted to control my son's behavior. I felt his reactions to life were over the top, and he never listened at the moment. All the ‘normal’ ways did not work on him. He would take what I did and amplify it. I felt horrible, I felt lost, I felt scared. MegAnne’s methods have released me. I am no longer feeling responsible for all my son or daughter's emotions. I can empathize with them and hold space without taking those big feelings as my own."

~ Dani R. ~

Mom of Three


"My challenge was yelling, I would try not to yell, but nothing worked. I felt like a pressure cooker, holding on until BANG. ‘There I go again,’ ‘Why can’t I control myself, ‘I’m such a bad mom.’ I felt like it was out of my control. MegAnne and her C.L.E.A.R Method became the light at the end of the tunnel. I have learned compassion for myself and a new perspective."

~ Devin E. ~

Your Positive Parenting Coach, Replacing the cycle.

Hey, I am MegAnne Ford, and I am a positive parenting coach. 

I get it, you probably feel like you've tried everything you can think of to get your child to listen and behave, and it seems like nothing works!

I am a parent educator working to help parents, just like YOU (who feel like they're at their wits' end!), understand how to get their children to listen without yelling, shaming, blaming, and punishing.

That might sound like magic, but it's not! Clients call me the modern-day Mary Poppins, but I'm happy to share my secret with you- it's about focusing on the foundation, not the decorations.

If you wake up daily thinking, "Today, I will not yell or get physical with my kids." It starts great, and then that one thing drops, screams, hits, doesn't listen, and you lose it!

YOU ARE NOT ALONE, and ALL HOPE IS NOT LOST! I guide my clients to practice tools of connection, limits, empowerment, accountability, recovery, and many more positive discipline technics.

Waiting for this "phase" to pass is not working for you. You are ready to feel more in control. You are ready to have a solid and nurturing relationship with your kids. You look ahead 20 years and dream about a great relationship with your children.

If you want to know about "the cycle" I am referring to, come check out this post on Instagram.

Welcome to my Community

Is this really going to help me stop yelling?

Frequently asked questions to help you begin your positive parenting journey today

From your side You will be going deeper and be able to navigate big emotions with yourself and your kids. Your relationship with your kids will grow stronger with each step. You will become more comfortable parenting authoritatively, a.k.a Positive Parenting. 

Tools provided Each step of the journey provides increased coaching and community. The programs have live group coaching calls periodically where you can bring your questions. 

- Weekly coaching calls, bring all of your questions and frustrations. Work through the problems from top to bottom in a loving environment.
-Marco polo - Video chat, Voice Chat, Text your immediate struggle and let the #kindsquad support you! Sometimes just venting to people who listen helps you navigate the big outbursts. 

I encourage you to join my private Facebook group where I discuss, share, and ask questions to bring awareness to positive parenting. 

If you don't have a Facebook account or want to jump right into the work, start with the Understanding Us, 5 curated emails to prompt you to bring awareness to your parenting toolbox. 

This is my top-asked question. And the truth is zero. Or, as a client reframed for me - 900. I have spent nearly 20 years helping parents teach, raise, and support their families.

Being a parent coach is not about telling you what works for me, but it's about working to find what works for YOU!

You can learn more about me and my work through my Podcast "MegAnne is NOT a parent, but..."

My clients are amazing parents who have read all the books, tried all the things, talked to all their friends & family, and are still struggling to know how to get it all working for them.

The funny thing about behavior is that it can be tracked as a science- I was not trained in this science, but I was born with these skills.

Behavior is not best managed with fear and punishment- and quite often can cause the meltdowns & tantrums to worsen.

Working with a parent coach like me will help you get back on track and sift through all the misinformation to find strategies and answers that work for you and your family.

I will direct you to my testimony page to answer this question. 

I would like to say that this work, and it is work, is something that I practice daily with all living things, including but not limited to kids, adults, plants, dogs, service providers, and parents. 

I am biased, but yes, definitely, this is worth the time. 

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