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Positive Parenting 

Keynote Speaker and Workshop Leader 

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Positive Parenting 

Keynote Speaker 
Workshop Leader 

Be Kind Coaching

Motivating parents, teachers, and caregivers alike.

MegAnne is a passionate and knowledgeable speaker living in Richmond, Virginia. 

Your audience will walk away from the presentation with an understanding of what Positive Parenting is and an awareness of how it could benefit the most important humans on earth, children. 

Customized keynote speeches and workshops with interactive activities, relatable stories, and clear explanations. 

MegAnne is ready to inspire your group.

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Topics include


Attachment theory

Parenting Style

Leave with

An understanding of what Positive Parenting is and what it is not. An awareness of why we behave the way we do as humans. The belief we can do better for the children in our care. 

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Understanding the tools we have versus the tools we need

I'm MegAnne, and I'm a positive parenting coach ready to lead your group of caregivers to understand what "positive caregiving" is and isn't. 

I am OBSESSED with engaging people that come into contact with children, learn effective and BETTER tools, and support their growth in practicing those new tools with the children in their lives.

With worksheets and handouts, the audience will walk away from the workshop or speech with a better understanding of themselves and the children in their world.  

I believe caregivers, parents, and teachers greatly impact how children grow into THRIVING adults.

You can learn more about me on my podcast.

It is never too early or late to understand the impact we have on kids in our lives. 

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Melissa Taylor

MegAnne did a wonderful presentation to our preschool parent group. She was prepared, great with engagement, and willing to stay to answer parents' questions. I heard lots of positive feedback from the parents and staff who attended the event. 

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Nurturing the young people in the world.