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Hi, I'm MegAnne and this all started when...

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I was 8. It was about to be summer break and my teacher asked us to journal about what we were most excited to do over the summer. My response “I’m looking forward to summer vacation because I get to babysit my sister’s baby.” Little did I know that would end up being my life’s work and passion.

Growing up as I did, number 4 child out of 5, people were constantly around. From an early age (see below: I'm the smiley girl in the red dress!) - babies (and people) were always around! This taught me that there are two ways of doing things - the easy way, peace; or the hard way, tears. I was determined to find a system that promotes more peace through an easier way! 

My first classroom experience was when I was 18, I started working as an assistant teacher with a wonderful woman, and mentor, Santina. She taught me how to run an ethical and fair classroom, that wasn't always equal. I learned from her that no matter the child in your care you strive for connection and routine. She taught me to hold myself to a high standard.

While at school, VCU, I studied psychology and fell in love with figuring out how the mind worked. Focusing on positive connection and healthy attachment really drew me in, and ignited my passion for working with all different kinds of people! This is where I learned to be resourceful. My husband once told me how he was amazed that "my hobby" was positively connecting with any one I met. I like that. 

After school, I made my career in teaching early childhood education. I concentrated on building a healthy classroom environment, focusing on building the social and emotion health of children and their families. I believe that when a child can express their feelings, while also learning empathy, this supports the foundation for a successful life. Over the years, this type of work has taught me flexibility. Flexibility is required when working in an ever changing setting, needing to meet the demands of anyone who enters through the door. 

Over the years, I have worked with well over 500 different children in a variety of life stages and situations. I have thrived when building sustaining relationships with the families I work with, and I love seeing all the successes over the years! This is what has inspired me to become a certified life and parent coach and start Be Kind Coaching. This is the next phase of my life, teaching me patience. 

Throughout all my years I have always worked on building unique families' goals. These goals include where they'd like to see themselves in the future, then building a strategy that will get them there. This can look like reducing yelling inside the home around certain instances, potty training your children, or developing morning/evening routines. I love working 1:1 with parents, children, teens to get them to the place in life that they wish to be but may be having a hard time achieving on their own. Coaching is about building a relationship of trust together and working together to build a more positive relationship between your family. I am honored every day to be doing the work that I do!

Resourceful. Flexible. Patient. Kind.  

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