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"I can't recommend this enough. Every time I revisit a course I learn something new for whatever stage my kids and I are in at that time. This work with MegAnne changes my family relationships, work relationships, friendships, everything!" ❤️


Joining again! I didn't stick with it. So, I'm going to do this as a refresher, and actually practice this time.


Learning the details of the clear method were really helpful. I’m continually reminding myself to connect.

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The value of connection and repair. I have no problems setting limits and following through with them but I realize I skip over connection a lot!


I have been focusing on connection. At this point I think it's what both my little man and I needed! I could geek out over this stuff all day!


The five-day challenge/class helped a lot. Thank you! I feel the connections helped a lot. I validate her feelings and just listen.

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Thank you SO much!! My newest parenting guru!!


I knew there was a different way to parent. You have helped to put tools in my toolbox to actually learn and practice a new way. I am so grateful and excited to see how life-changing this will be for us. Thank you MegAnne!!


I have been feeling at loss with my strong willed 2 year old. Going through the Clear challenge has given me skills to help my children now, but I feel more I have given myself healing and skills that I needed when I was a child.