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Six Years Motherless

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Time for our Friday love note!

Today is an extra tender love note- because today marks six years of my Mom's passing. Last year I wrote a blog post marking her 5 year- I reread it last night with tears in my eyes. I still miss her every day.

Over the past six years, I have learned to hold compassion towards my Mom. To see things from her point of view and actually grow closer to her. I just wish we had this sort of respect while she was still here. I am constantly practicing forgiving myself and her for our strained relationship with each other.

That's why I do what I do. Help families stay connected.

I am a parent coach and I am loving my purpose and living it as well. Showing up to teach parents the driving mechanism behind their children's misbehavior is quite powerful work. Moments of "How dare you!" can transform to "Wow, you're angry!" It feels like absolute MAGIC! I welcome all the families into the GetCLEAR Challenge.

Why my program parenting program is set up as classes and group coaching:

Because the mindset, beliefs, and theories that support the way I work take a bit of education. And I found I was spending coaching time doing the education- and I wanted to improve and streamline that process. My goal is to always show up and serve my audience the best I can! I am here to serve as many parents I can! Because they are raising the future- and this matters.

I do what I do because I wish my Mom had someone like me to work with her.

Growing up I was so strong-willed, out of control, and hurting- and the constant punishments, time outs, and spankings made things so much worse. For me, and for her.

The thing I realized just before she passed, she just didn't know what else to do. She didn't know that every time she said: "What's wrong with you." I was retreating further from her. Every time she said, "Go to your room for talking like that!" I would rip my books or draw on the furniture as a way to travel through that anger. Any time she said, "Seriously, these grades?" I just would learn how to hide more from her.

She did the best she could, with what she knew. Given the circumstance.

Which is exactly why I show up and constantly look to improve how I help empower parents to reinforce their relationship, ditch the punitive fear based tools- and lean into the work of building a kind family.

If your children are like me, I get it. Something I know about your strong-willed child is that they are here to change the world. They have big ideas and are here with a strong purpose! Learning how to discipline that purpose in a way that keeps you connected to them is powerful work. That's what I'm here to do! Help families of strong will stay connected to prevent the fracture and frustration for everyone!

Take a class today in memory of my mom.

Can't wait to welcome you in!


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