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      **Start balancing your parenting toolbox today!**

Positive Parenting Class Pass

Your beginner’s guide to Positive Parenting
(so you can raise kind, respectful kids who listen)

Yes! I'm ready to balance my parenting toolbox!

If you’re ready to learn the tools you need to balance your parenting toolbox-
Positive Parenting Class Pass was made for YOU!

Yes! I'm ready to balance my parenting toolbox! One-time payment of $299
Yes! I'm ready to balance my parenting toolbox! Three (3) payments of $125

Here’s a sneak peek at the classes, tools, and skills you can expect to add to your Positive Parenting toolbox with Positive Parenting Class Pass (so you can connect, nurture, and repair the relationship with your child).

✔️Positive Parenting 101|
You’ll learn more about what Positive Parenting is and isn’t so you can start putting down tools with negative impacts and replace them with Positive Parenting tools.

✔️Emotional Validation| This class will help you balance your parenting toolbox by helping you connect with your child in a way that helps THEM feel safe, seen, and heard.

✔️Setting Boundaries| You’ll learn how to set clear boundaries with your kids so you can diminish how many times they repeatedly call you, reduce interruptions, and help them stop asking the same question over and over.

✔️Ending Entitlement| You’ll balance your parenting toolbox by learning how to stop rescuing/fixing/saving your children and instead empowering them to problem solve, think critically, and make safe choices.

✔️Natural Consequences| You’ll learn how to use Positive Parenting tools like natural consequences (imposed, natural, and logical) instead of punishments and bribing to help you respond to your child’s difficult behavior.

✔️Apologizing| This class teaches the Positive Parenting tool of apologizing. You’ll learn the 4-steps of an authentic apology so you can reconnect after the struggle or rupture and repair the foundation of the relationship with your child.

- @themamadentist

Oh my goodness! I just purchased the classes and have only made it to the point of when one child hits their sibling, how to respond and it has blown my mind! My 3 year old keeps hitting baby sis. My knee jerk is to focus on the 3, but I have a new approach!

- @meghannic0lle

I just signed up for the classes late last night. I stayed up *waaaay too late* listening to the first class. Trying so hard today, and we've had SUCH a successful day with the school battles. The class really cut me deep, but it was so good to hear! Thank you!

- @Jrg_06

I bought your connection class and the validation lesson touched me! I used your techniques with my 14yr and it works! Thank you!

Yes! I'm ready to balance my parenting toolbox!