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Sometimes you need a little extra

The VIP experience is going to give you that extra support you want to keep working towards your goal of a calmer home environment.

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In this space, I would share testimonials of clients who loved the VIP experience. BUT YOU ARE THE FIRST!

**Limited to 10**

Tell me more...

Inside the VIP small community, you have access to:

  • The VIP Community inside of Kajabi
  • There are chat functions as well as video Meet Ups

This is a space for extra accountability, not for private coaching.

"WAIT? Not Coaching?"

Yes, what I mean by that is I will not be coaching you through situations between you and your kids. That is for the Q&A portion of the courses. 

I will coach you on prioritizing your time—a more personal approach to staying grounded in doing the work. 

"How are you going to do that?"

I will host several 30-minute 'Meet ups' inside the Kajabi Community 

  • Welcome Party for each step
  • Mid - Way check in during each step
  • Celebration Party at the end of the 6-Months.
  • A special get to know the C.L.E.A.R. and Kind Members party

Inside the private Marco Polo Video Chat, I will offer

  • Extra journal prompts / Card pulls
  • Time investment accountability
  • Seek further understanding of recent material

Again this space is not for coaching through situations within your home but for further understanding of the content being taught in steps and, most of all, accountability. 

Okay, is there more?



For the first time, Be Kind Coaching has merch!

To help you get motivated to journal, doodle, or take notes, we are sending you a Be Kind Coaching Care Package. 

  • Be Kind Coaching Bee Pencil
  • C.L.E.A.R. & Kind Pen
  • 68-page craft notebook
  • Be Kind Coaching Keychain
  • Sticker


PROTIP* practice compassion when using a journal. No one needs to see it! Whether you think you have bad handwriting or believe you don't know how to take notes. It is a great place to practice compassion for yourself. 


🎓 Certificate of completion 📄

Since we have your mailing address, upon completing the 6-months of hard work, we think you deserve a printed copy of your Certificate of completion.

This is hard work. 

Although the work is never done, we deserve to display our hard work for us to see.

The Choice is yours

Enjoy Extra Accountability


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of $4499

Save $289

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