Step 06: Stress


You will learn:

  •   How labels limit our views

  • The role stress plays in your life

  • What is triggering your stress

  • How to use your anger and not lose it

I just want to clarify again that this module is about learning how to look at things from a different perspective. Learning how these factors play into creating the way you see the world and your relationship in it. Using labels is not always a bad thing to do- it’s just something to stay mindful of.

Knowing what the stress triggers in your life are is a way to help unpack how to shift into a proactive response- instead of the reactive state. In our group call we will unpack TOP CARD more. Where I have found the most from this exercise is knowing how to see other people’s triggers to stress. My partner, co-worker, and even the children around me- as they are moving through stress I can become more skilled in helping them move through the chaos without having to add to it.

And anger. Ending on anger is a powerful way to start to regain control and feel empowered in our relationship. Most of the time we aim to ignore anger- but the magic lives in learning and practicing how to travel through anger! And it’s a practice- in which I get to try again and again- every day.