Step 3: Solutions


you will learn:


  • To look at mistakes as opportunities

  • To stop rescuing and fixing

  • The distinction between a tantrum and a meltdown

  • How to move through both

  • The importance of building a child-led routine

In this module we will explore how to help reframe mistakes. Often time we decided that they are bad- and we try to punish those away, but they are tiny gifts of opportunity to reflect and grow the missing skill.

By helping to reframe this for ourselves, we can reframe this for our children- because helping empower them to make and learn through their mistakes will help them problem solve through them, and as a result stop making the same mistake over and over again.

Inside we will start to talk about tantrums and meltdowns and the important difference of both of them. Knowing a different way to approach them will help in calming and moving through them quicker.

At the end we will talk through how to build and practice a child led routine. This is a total game changer, we will use our weekly call to talk through how to implement these process more and more!