Step 2: Feelings

Have you ever thought about how the way we behave can actually be another form of communication. Imagine how you behave when you’re having a good day- what about a bad day? Are there ways you change your behavior based on how your feeling? If you’re like me, then the answer is yes. There have also been days where I’ve faked a smile, forced the “Yes, no problem!”- this is why looking below the surface is so important.

This lesson is all about decoding the difficult behavior we see. The magic is by checking in with how we are feeling. Not just reacting to what is going on in front of us. So make sure to print out the Mistaken Goal Chart in the google drive. This chart is a really handy way to help you in those frustrating, annoying, hurtful, lost moments. Many have asked me “How do I get better at using this chart?” and I share “Print it out and look at it. Over and over again.” Practice is the best way. Sloppy, messy practice.

I’ve had clients put a copy in their bullet journal, on their car visor, and inside their purse. Handy ways to have it around to refer back to it over and over again.

Basics: Annoyed = Attention, Anger = Power, Hurt = Revenge, Hopeless = Inadequate