This work can often feel very intense and daunting- but I am here to assure you that after our first coaching call you will feel inspired and ready to take action. Today we will be starting off with an easy assignment to uncover your parenting style. This is meant just as a way to understand your perspective and not as a way to say what’s right or what wrong.

In later modules we will talk about stress and the big role that stress can play- and in my communication style I see where my stress can effect my outcomes. When I’m feeling really good- I tend to be more permissive and giving but then when I get burned out I can quickly snap and turn authoritarian and rigid. And that’s NORMAL! Though out this journal we will discover ways to work towards staying more middle of the road.

Always check your email for our scheduled group call Zoom Link. If you’re calling in from your smart phone you will need to download the app before our call. Also, the day before I will send out a reminder and a request for questions- please respond if there is anything that bubbles up. No question too small or too big. The beauty of this course is that if there is something you want to know more about- simply ask and I can go deeper!