Rad Dad Interviews

Sometimes talking about feelings and emotions can be challenging for us all. I get it.

But if I’m being honest, I typically get phone calls from Moms. Actually in my entire coaching career I’ve only received phone calls from two Dads- both were single Dads looking for help with their sons. Which again, I think is pretty rad!

On one recent phone call a Mom was sharing “I know I want to work with you, and this work is important but my husband would never go for it.” And that’s when I realized I needed to get some of my awesome Dad clients into this conversation. Just offering their experience.

I have worked with some REALLY amazing families- and those families have some pretty RAD DADS! Below you will find some unedited real conversations between me and some of my rad dad clients!

These awesome Dad’s are also available to answer email questions if you’re curious to learn more and ask more about their experience.


Phil- Rad Dad to 3


What was it like before working together?

Before Be Kind Coaching I had no framework for understanding.  Period end of statement.  I Love my children as we all do and we want the best for them, we want to be the light that would guide their path.  To go even further we want them to reflect the light we shine upon them.  But as much as I wanted, expected, and hoped to parent like Mary Poppins Older brother I fell way short.  Who wouldn’t?  So I would go to bed thinking tomorrow would be better, but it wasn’t. And I did this for too long.  Our marriage was stressed also, to put it lightly.  My vision for a happy household was unrecognizable.

What was it like working together? 

I love MegAnne.  She is so easy to talk to.  She provided the space, the structure, and the wisdom for us/me to build “our/my framework” we all hear what we need to hear.  This is why you can have call with 3 or 4 parents which could add up to 4 to 8+ different little ones and yet we all feel heard, help, and empowered.  Plus, it does not get any easier.  Come on, never leave the comfort of your home, meet after hours.  Raise your hand if you would prefer to take time off work or hire a babysitter.  Here is a freebie, working with MegAnne in the format you quickly come to realize your not the only family in this boat and what you are experiencing is normal.  Big relief, right?

What was the result after working together? 

I now have my “Framework for Understanding” My blanket approach became tailored for each of my three children.  Kathryn and I had a common language and new understanding for each others parenting challenges and found a common ground to unite our family.  Plus now, I can spot the train wreck coming and use what I learned to avoid it, resolve it, or grow through it.  Of course this is when I choose to create the space to use what I know.  Old habits die hard but I learned to deal with those too

What would you tell a Dad who may be hesitant about working with me? 

You’re hesitant.  I can understand asking for help to be a better parent can be self defeating.  So what is your game plan for change?  Is it positive, kind, empowering?  Will this help you to recognize the way to a happier household? Will it provide you a “framework for understanding”?  Going to bed each night frustrated.  Telling yourself that you will try harder tomorrow will always be a part of parenting.  Wouldn’t it be nice to wake up knowing how?  It was for me.