Are you the parent of a strong-willed child looking for a new approach?

I am not here to make you a better parent, I am here to help you save your family from estrangement.

Estrangement: noun: the fact of no longer being on friendly terms or part of a social group, the fact of no longer living with one's spouse; separation

If you're ready to get off the harsh, painful reward/punishment roller-coaster, to stop worrying about the next time a tantrum will strike, and to learn to truly connect to your children, you're in the right place.

I offer coaching to help you get into a healthy relationship with your children so that you have the confidence and parenting tools to focus on all areas of your awesome life. 

As a certified parent coach, I'll help you reclaim your authoritative parenting voice, get on the same page as your spouse and learn the skills you really want to pass down to your children—skills like confidence, respect, patience, and self control.

We'll work together to get to the root belief supporting your children’s behavior, build the consistency using more effective strategies and reinforce an amazing parenting tool box to help you feel like a parenting superhero you are!

Please note: My coaching programs aren't a replacement for seeking professional psychiatric help. I have many preferred partners to refer you too, if that is where your family needs to explore. Coaching is about working together to help you reach your goals.



In a society full of different messages that are constantly discrediting each other, it’s easy to get lost in finding the right way for your family. Often we rely on the advice of our family, friends and children’s teachers to help us parent our children. They know what has worked for them and share it freely with the best of intentions, but it might not be working for you. That’s because our behavior is a reflection of our personal environment—that is, our home. Each home is 100% unique which is why passing along helpful tricks and tips might work for a short while, but they often end up backfiring, leaving my clients feeling hopeless, angry, resentful, and filled with guilt. I have worked with families for over 14 years facing these same struggles. So if you're upset with these issues, know that you're definitely not alone. 

My mission is to help you recognize and reject the reward/punishment cycle we use to manipulate our children’s behavior, tune out the constant noise about the new parenting trend, and tune in to your intuitive wisdom about boundaries, routines, and consequences. I use my training in Positive Discipline to help teach you brain-based strategies to fully understand a more effective approach—which means I'll never put you on a “this worked for me” tips and tricks path. Instead, I'll help you achieve authentic connection with your children, in your family, inside your home.

I'm committed to social justice in everything I do, and I strive to run a fully inclusive and welcoming practice for clients of all ages, sizes, ethnicities, religious affiliations, sexual orientations, and gender identities. 




In my 3-month private coaching program, I’ll challenge you to let go of the harmful beliefs you hold about why your children are being disrespectful, disobedient, and “strong-willed.” We will replace these beliefs with a deeper understanding of what need our children are communicating with their behavior—it becomes a bit like decoder glasses.

I’ll provide tons of one-on-one support as you go through this process, and you'll also get a wealth of multimedia tools and guides to help you implement our work between sessions. You'll have access to me via email for additional support, and you'll be invited to connect with an amazing community of other people who are on the same journey, so you’ll never feel alone. 

When we begin our work together, we’ll dive into exploring what your go-to methods of parenting are and how to release the fear based punishment we’ve all been raised with. We will get everyone quickly on the same page.

I’ll help you understand that your “disrespectful” child is really discouraged, and we will work to establish new routines!

You'll learn that it's possible to choose connection before redirection and truly empower your children’s awesome behavior.


Private Parent Coaching programs start at $2947