Are you ready to go from frustrations to connections?

Ready to shift from anger to understanding?

Wish you had special decoder glasses to understand what in the world is going on with your children?

You're in the right place if you're ready to heal the hurt and get things back on track!
After working with over 100 parents over the past two years the common hurdles were:

"I don't have the time during the day."
"i want my partner to do it with me."

That is exactly why i created this self-paced course.
You can watch and learn on your own time.
You can watch and learn on repeat with lifetime access!
(no shower or clean house required.)

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course starts 9/15/18!

LIVE GROUP COACHING calls start September 19th


"I have to tell you, this course gAve me hope."

- Mom of a four-year-old son

Welcome TO all angry, annoyed, hurt and hopeless parents-
i am here to help you get things back on track, FAST!

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have you noticed that typical, traditional, reactive parenting tools just don't work?
perhaps it feels like things are getting worse.

welL... they might be. But there's hope!

"I thought for a long time I was a bad parent. this course showed me, I just needed new tools. Yelling wasn't working and I didn't want my girls to fear me anymore. Learning how to connect gave me my family back."

- Dad of two daughters, 2 and 4

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You're in the right place if you've notice that:

  • you're constantly repeating yourself
  • you're yelling until you're blue in the face with little effect
  • your children just plainly aren't listening to you
  • you feel like you're constantly walking on eggshells
  • you're exhausted from the endless power struggles
  • you're ready for parenting to feel good, like how you dreamed it would be


Screen Shot 2018-07-23 at 5.07.12 PM.png

perhaps you've shared this feelings with your friends and they shared "yeah, it's part of the job."
well, I am here to share with you this:

parenting can be easier.

the secret is learning how behavior works.
This is my magic.
I can teach you.


I'm MegAnne, and i help build kind families.

I am a certified parent coach and positive discipline educator
and i built this course for awesome parents who are
frustrated with parenting.

This course was built for loving families
raising strong, independent, forward thinking children.

I built this course to be an easy to use course teaching parents how to use highly effective positive discipline parenting tools.

(you don't even have to wear real pants or do your hair)

keep scrolling!

"This course has completely changed my way of thinking forever. Being kind and firm is hard. But understanding what your child is trying to communicate to you is an amazing skill!"

- Mom of a three-year-old daughter


How to build your

kind family


(or 2 payments of $397)

an on demand, self-paced, parenting course.

(Course Value: $1997)

combined with 7 live group coaching calls.

(Group Coaching Call Value: $997)

Bonus Videos with interviews with experts in sleep, self-care, pediatrics and fitness

(Bonus Value: $497)

you will learn all the foundational tools to build a kind family and receive the support to apply everything you've learned.

(Family Value: Priceless)

I have spent my entire career helping parents learn more effective ways of managing their children's behavior. Which is why I started coaching, I love teaching parents what is driving their children's misbehavior and teaching them new approaches to end power struggles, epic tantrums and negative cycles- once and for all!

Since 2016, I have helped over 100 families learn a more effective way of parenting, and now I am pleased to launch this self-paced course so that the entire world can learn my highly effective approach! This course combines my background in psychology, experience in child development, certification in parent coaching and Positive Discipline.

All this supported with studying the latest research on social emotional learning, neuroscience and mindfulness.

Pure. Magic.



here's a peek at everything inside!


Step 1- The beginning

learning your parenting style and getting on track with solid goals.

Step 2- the belief

stop putting out all the fires, time to catch the behavior arsonist!

Step 3- solutions

learning how to build and implement a solid routine and agreements.

step 4- encouragment

mistakes are going to happen, how will you learn and grow from them?

step 5- family meetings

time to get everyone on the same page, building agency.

step 6- stress

uncover what exactly triggers stress and how to use that to your benefit.


step 7- growth

where to go now? how to keep marinating and coming back to this work!


wednesday's 12-1pm est

september 19

September 26

october 3

October 10

october 17

october 24


Course Valued at $3997

Lifetime Course Access

"If you agree with positive parenting, JOIN this course- it's made for you. If you don't know about positive parenting, google why it works and THEN join this course!"

-Mom of two sons, 1 and 4


time to get started!

MegAnne Ford