Parenting Parties!

In 2019, I welcomed parents into a Zoom Room together to connect and learn about a curated topic. My part is bringing the topic- your part is showing up excited and ready to ask some questions and dig into the topics!

This space is a safe space. This is also not meant to be a replacement to course work or coaching. I will allot 15 minutes at the end of each party to chat and answer questions- but for deeper and more personalized answers it may require scheduling some more in depth work!


Parenting Party #1

Reclaiming Discipline

I am reclaiming the word discipline- for too long it’s been used synonymously with the word punishment. And when we look to the root- discipline actually means “ to teach” so give it a listen and check out why I am so passionate about reclaiming this word!


Parenting Party #2

Belonging and Significance

Alfred Adler believed our brains are wired for two things- belonging and significance. Or better known as attention and power. Most typical parenting strategies can fill these buckets negative- which can create more and more chaos as time goes on.


Parenting Party #3

Parenting Party and Challenge Day 3- During this hour together I blend together my twice a month parenting party along with my 5 day challenge "2019: Year of Empowered Parenting” I share my 5 pillars to being an empowered parent with the goal or raising strong empowered children!


Parenting Party #4

There is no bad parent or bad child- just poor behavior. Decoding what their behavior is telling us is so important in learning how to approach it!

Tonight we chat about POWER STRUGGLES and the idea of how to offer children MORE power through illuminating their choices. Especially at the preschool ages. It’s hard to do, but important to focus in on.