Imagine what it will feel like to FINALLY understand what your child’s difficult behavior is trying to communicate to you. If this sounds good, this mini-course was built FOR YOU!

About the Mini-Course:

Solving the Mystery of Your Child’s Misbehavior offers daily practices, guidance, and inspiration to help you get started on the road to being a more positive parent. You'll learn:

  • How to defuse the frustrating power struggles that pop up on the daily.

  • How to move through the annoying attention seeking behaviors leaving you feeling drained.

  • How to validate your child’s feelings when they start calling you “mean Mommy” and saying “I hate you!”

  • How to feel motivated to take the first steps when you’re feelings hopeless and helpless- not knowing what else to do.

  • And more!  

You'll have LIFETIME access to this challenge, so you can circle back anytime you need it as a way to refresh and refocus. 

Solving the Mystery of Your Child’s Misbehavior mini-course provides an introduction to several of the positive discipline principles covered in my 7-week online course, How to Build Your Kind Family, and can be taken prior to that course or on its own. Students in the Less Yelling Challenge will also get the option to continue on to the full course at a special savings. 

Best of all, the mini-course is designed to create a HUGE impact with small bite sized lessons!

About Me

I’m a certified parent coach and positive discipline educator. I have worked with over 150 families to help untangle them from the negative cycle that punishments welcome into their homes. By removing the resentment, rebellion, revenge and retreat that punishments bring in, families are able to validate, connect and be compassionate towards each other.

I have a deep passion for this work because when I was 22 I became estranged from my Mom. I spent 9 years working towards understanding the disconnect that was going on—and then I realized, we just had a massive miscommunications. My Mom was not able to use what she didn’t know. She needed different tools- a new approach to responding to me. My story has a happy ending when I was able to reconnect to her just months before she passed away. I was able to be in the room holding her hand and loving her, accepting her, and forgiving her as she passed. She has been gone for almost 6 years now, and I am so grateful for the gift of reconnection. This is a gift that we all want, and rarely have the chance to experience.

Now I'm so grateful to be able to help others who are on the same journey to love.