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My clients say it best

The Leach Family

We can't say enough amazing things about Be Kind Coaching.

My husband and I were at a breaking point when we reached out to MegAnne. Our 5 yo son's out-of-control behavior was exhausting and scary. Every little thing was cause for a meltdown and his anxiety and anger left us feeling defeated and resentful. We didn't know what to do and were worried that we had waited too long to ask for help.

Enter Be Kind Coaching. Through weekly online meetings and Facebook chats, MegAnne was able to help us understand the "why" behind the behavior and develop strategies to help each other and our son. MegAnne is a fantastic listener and was never judgmental or pushy. The sessions were tailored to our parenting styles and personalities.

She wasn't there to "save the day" - she was there to empower us. I used to feel like it was us vs. our 5 yo. Now I feel like the three of us are a team.
Thank you, MegAnne!

The Jones Family

My son (5) was easy. My daughter (3) has a big personality. We had a summer (2016) that was filled with fun adventures/vacations and I came back depleted and defeated. My hope of spending positive time with my kids was actually spent fighting with them. I started working with MegAnne to stop fighting my kids and start coming up with new strategies of enjoying our family time.

At first, it did not make sense, to me, to give a three year old a choice but learned she is strong and wants to feel validated. She did not, before. But now, when she feels big emotions she just says "Mommy, I am sorry- I need a hug!"

After working together, we now have a much healthier- equal relationship. I thought I had to be the hammer, now we give them choices with natural consequences. It is so much more equitable. It is not perfect but it has given the kids a voice. Even my husband is learning tactics that work for him.

I LOVED the fact that I never felt judged. MegAnne does not have hard and fast rules for anything. She taught me to appreciate my family, all of them for who they are. And I learned about myself, too.

I feel like I am a better mother because of MegAnne and so appreciate everything. The good, the bad, and the ugly- I know if I love the kids and help them feel heard, then we will be OK!


The Diener Family

I took the online Be Kind Coaching parenting class, Keep Your Family Kind, and it was life-changing!

MegAnne is positive and real, and from the very first class, I felt encouraged and empowered. I have read a lot of parenting books and blogs, and I find it hard to translate that into daily practice within our family. However, through the Keep Your Family Kind class, we got to work through our own personal examples using the information and the strategies that MegAnne teaches – her delivery of the material has been far more effective for me than anything else I have tried.

This class came to me at the time when I needed it the most. My child was having some difficulties at school, and a friend posted about how amazing MegAnne is, so I took the leap and couldn’t be happier that I did.

MegAnne did such a great job of facilitating the class, that even though I went through it with people I have never met, and who live half of the country away from me, it felt like a supportive family. Many, many thanks to my friend who posted about the class, to MegAnne, whose impact is already being strongly felt in our family and will continue to be, and to my classmates for sharing and caring.



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Frequently asked questions

why do i need a parent coach?

My students and clients are amazing people who have read all the books, tried all the things, and talked to just about anyone who would listen- but are still struggling to get it to all work for them. In their own way. My clients are devoted to keeping their children' spirits alive while improving the overall vibe in their home. Working together through any one of my offerings will provide you the tools and guidance to finally be able to make this whole thing work.

when do I know it's time?

I often get asked "When is it too early? Too late?" and the answer is NEVER! It is never too early to start and never too late to begin! The parent education and coaching I provide will help you explore how to get to the root of what is driving everyone's behavior, yours included. Often my clients report back that relationships have improved at home, at work and even with their own parents. This is because I focus on getting below the surface, straight to the beliefs, before working on the behavior we can see, also known as the details.

How does this all work?

All of my online parent services are designed to bring you the most impactful change in your family while offering this in the most convenient and flexible way. If you are reading this right now, you have all the technology needed to put into action ALL my services! I have helped parents all over the world! A computer or phone and a solid WIFI connection is all you need to get started! Once you decide on the best pace for you and your family, all you need to do is purchase and you will be walked through the rest. The two biggest hurdles I see my students and clients face are:

1. Waiting to start. The number one thing I hear from clients is "I knew about you and wish I had started before things got worse."
2. Not taking action. This work will change you life, I promise. It has changed mine. But only when it's used. Sitting in your email box won't change your family. Showing up and staying open to the process is what's going to significantly change your entire family's history!


I help build kind families!

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