Are you ready to make peace in your home and break free from epic power struggles? I am a parent coach that fully believes that every parent is worthy of feeling like the SUPERHERO of their family.

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Monthly Membership

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The Re-Story Routine
Monthly membership using the time you have and the books your children love to nurture your family’s emotional intelligence, together!

Parenting Classes


How to Build Your Kind Family
Four times a year I welcome you to join me for a group coaching program where we work together through my course designed to build a strong connected family!

Private Coaching


Parent Coaching
Private coaching that will dig deep into applying these tools into your family. We meet bi-weekly over video chat to work to fuel your successes!

“Quite frankly, MegAnne could have a background in folding towels and I would still hire her again. She worked with us to teach us how to listen/watch for our child’s unspoken needs and manage our responses and expectations. We owe her a lot more than she was paid.”

- Jacquelyn, Mom of 3