MegAnne Ford Online Parent Coach

frequently asked questions

How do you say your name?

Not Megan or Meegan- it's Meg...Anne- like Joanne, but with a Meg and a capital A. My Mom was just as stubborn as I am. She wanted my name pronounced properly so she spelled it to ensure that. Funny enough, my older siblings call me "Megan". They swear that before I was born that was supposed to be my name, and so they too are just as stubborn. I have been MegAnne my entire 34 years, that is a sibling grudge.

You don't have kids?

No, not yet. I have spent my entire adult life work with children and parents inside a classroom and inside their homes. My number one hobby in life is people and connecting to people. So that's my secret sauce. I coach both parents and children through big emotions. That's my jam. I support you in finding the right solutions for your family.

Why does someone need a parent coach?

My clients are amazing parents who have read all the books, tried all the things, talked to all their friends & family and are still struggling on knowing how to get it all working for them. The funny thing about behavior is that it can be tracked as a science- I was not trained in this science, but I was born with these skills. Behavior is not best managed with fear and punishment- and actually quite often can cause the meltdowns & tantrums to worsen. Working with a parent coach, like me, will help you get back on track and sift through all the misinformation to find strategies and answers that work for you and your family.

So are you like a therapist or counselor?

I mean, we all like to talk. But what makes coaching unique and distinct is that we help you define a clear goal and it is my job to help you reach that goal, moving forward. Let's set this to a visual. Coaching is like running a race, occasionally turning behind to check on things, but eyes always forward towards the finish line. Coaching is a wonderful complement to therapy and counseling. I actually have many referring partners in the area- we are like siblings to each other. Both unique, special and with your success at the forefront!

*I will ALWAYS be open and honest with my clients to when they would be best served with a therapist/counselor. That is not my specialization. I will always make a referral out.*

When do i know it's time?

Are you sick and tired of feeling sick and tired? Are you constantly repeating yourself- "I swear if I say it one more time....". Are you having feelings of resentment, anger, frustrations and helplessness in the world of parenting. Are you the broken record of: "OMG I swear if they don't leave each other alone, I'm gonna kill 'em. I brought them in, I can take them out."

Well then it might be a good time to bring in someone to get things back moving and grooving. There is never a "too soon" or "too late" for coaching. The best time is when you book that call.

am i a bad parent?

No, I do not work with bad parents. PERIOD. Bad parents do not google parent coach. Bad parents do not read parent coaching websites. Bad parents don't read parenting books. Bad parents never ask the questions "Am I a bad parent?" YOU ARE A GREAT PARENT- you just need some help learning some better parenting tools.


so, like what do I get?

When working together I become your personal parenting cheerleader. We will meet, talk, cry, listen, teach, learn, grow and celebrate all your wins as you create all your awesome parenting dreams. My clients build confidence, lower anxiety, re-establish trust and build a strong parenting toolbox to work from. My clients often share that their work, marriage, and overall life have improved after working together. I like to joke that it's because I'm a people coach that works specifically with parents!

All of our sessions are private and recorded. They are stored in your private google drive along with any visuals, charts, and other tools that we discuss in our coaching. The google drive is yours for life, along with everything inside!

All MVP clients receive access to "How to Build Your Kind Family" as a special gift!


Where do I pay?

Right here: