Are you struggling to make peace in your home and reclaim your positive parenting relationship?

Parenting burnout, divorce and child estrangement is a growing trend.

And I am here to share it’s 100% preventable. But it requires a new method. A method fueled by mutual respect, growing confidence, and consistent boundaries.

Maybe you’ve read all the books, asked all your friends what they’re doing, and have consulted with your pediatrician—but are you finding yourself still without real answers to these questions:

“Why is parenting so hard?”
”When will the meltdowns stop?”
”Will my children ever listen to me?”
”How can my partner and I stop playing ‘good cop/bad cop’?”

I HEAR YOU! You want your relationship with your family to be joyful, easy, and KIND—because this is exactly why you grew your family in the first place—but you're not sure how to get there. There’s great news—it’s possible! I am here to share, it requires a new approach to parenting.

A new approach that is focused on developmentally appropriate practices, brain science research, and finally getting to the root of what’s driving your children’s difficult behavior. A new approach that removes bribes, punishments, nagging, reminding, fixing and rescuing. A new approach that is realistic, consistent, and positive and empowers you to empower your children to become motivated, capable, cooperative, and confident members of your family.

If you're surviving all the epic power struggles yourself, or know a dear loved one who is, my online courses are designed to help create a world where ALL members of your family feel heard, valued, and important!

I am not here to make you a better parent, I am here to help you save your family from estrangement.

Estrangement: noun: the fact of no longer being on friendly terms or part of a social group, the fact of no longer living with one's spouse; separation

5 Days to Less Yelling Challenge

Ready to lower the stress and volume in your home? This 5-day challenge will help you take the first steps on that transformative journey. The challenge offers daily practices, guidance, and inspiration to help you learn how to recognize your triggers, practice new strategies, and lots more. This challenge is a great precursor to How to Build Your Kind Family, and challenge participants get the option to continue on at a special discount.


How to Build Your Kind Family
April 2019 $999

This comprehensive course is designed to help you create confidence, trust, and connection in your relationship with your children. You'll learn how to remove punishments all together, even in its subtlest forms; get on the same page as your partner; learning to work together as a united front, recognize and validate feelings; growing your family’s emotional intelligence, and so much more. This course is perfect for anyone who wants to build a kind family future.