Hey Amazing Caregiver!

Ready to ENJOY being a parent, even in the hard moments?
Ready to release the fear based parenting tools that leave you feeling drained, resentful, and anxious around your family?

This is the first step! This is the perfect first step in starting to learn the magic of showing up strong, confident, kind and firm in your family- ready to face the difficult moments with ease and grace!

Come join me for a friend-to-friend chat about how to build a solid foundation towards your kind family.

Positive parenting is often confused with becoming a pushover and that’s NOT THE CASE!
What being a positive parent means to me is being clear and consistent while holding dignity and respect.
Being a parent is the HARDEST and MOST IMPORTANT role a person can be- but too often things get cloudy with using band aid methods- like yelling, shaming, blaming, fixing and rescuing.

These methods are fueled on fear. And fear won’t work.

Come join me to learn what the 5 key pillars of raising a kind family is all about!

This master class is available to your, for a limited time, for ONLY $22!!!