Parent Coaches Help Save Energy, Money and Time

A good parent coach will save you energy, money and time- no joke!

Hi, friends- I’m MegAnne and I’m a parent coach! Don’t know what that is? Check out this post here and get all the deets!

Parent coaching is a new field that is growing quickly- in the past year I’ve had 15 aspiring parent coaches reach out to me, on Instagram, to learn how I do what I do and learn how they can do it for themselves! That’s great news all around- good for me and good for you!

When it comes to finding the right coach and right program there is a lot to consider. The parent coaches philosophy, education, experience, and delivery method.

For my dream clients they are raising children ages 0-5, facing the struggle bus when it comes to bedtimes, mealtimes, meltdown, tantrums, and power struggles. They identify as parents raising strong willed children and want to learn how to funnel the energy for good- not extinguish the flame. Their children are great humans, they just pose problems and resistance whenever they need to do the thing right now- like shoes, brush teeth, clean up!

My methods work well for any age child, and really any relationship- I just like to pinpoint early childhood because I believe that when you invest the time and money as early as possible- the ROI will be huge! A recent study at Columbia shared that every dollar invested in social emotional learning will provide an $11 return on investment!!! WOW! That’s better than the stock market!

So let’s dig in, what can a parent coach help you and your family do?

Parent Coaches help save you energy.

Have you ever googled parenting books? If you have you’ll see that there are over 20,000 results with a quick Amazon search. Hidden in that sea of 20,000 books are parenting books that are not in alignment with your goals. Books that are based on different parenting methodologies, education practices, and a lot of prenatal books are included in that search. Knowing where to start can be like finding a needle in a hay stack. It’s a lot quicker looking up a parent coach that specializes in strong wills- then taking the time to order, read, and half assed implement a book. I say half assed because I have yet to meet anyone who reads one book, gets it and have it change everything- if this is you, please email me and invite to me eat my words and edit this post! (As of May 27,2019 no one has challenged this statement)

Parent coaches also help you chunk down all the information into action steps for you and your partner can take together. Have you ever read a book, shared what you learned with your partner, then proceed to watch them “do it all wrong”, most likely resulting in you stepping in and illuminating their misstep followed by snide passive aggressive comments and sleeping with your back turned each other. Probably thinking “fuck not going to bed angry- I can’t believe they let them have ice cream after I said no dessert.” or something of the sorts.

When you work with a parent coach- you will get the strategies, support, clarity and accountability all flushed out. This is a practice that actually helps safe your marriage and helps you all enjoy your limited time together. If you’re like the parents I work with- you both have had long days and are looking forward to just being home and enjoying what little time you have before it’s time for bath and bed.

In that limited time, there is no room for power struggles, anger matches, and resentment to set in. Those are energy vampires- working with a coach eliminates all of that pain!

Parent Coaches help save you money.

Have you ever thought about how much money it’s costing you to not work with a parent coach? If you’re like the parents I typically work with, their children are in preschool- which means that might have gotten called to pick them up from school once or twice, maybe for sickness, but more likely for biting. That’s money lost in either vacation time, sick time, or clocked hours time. How many days are you interested in losing due to your children’s escalating behavior struggles. I remember the days of calling parents at the office and requesting them to come pick up their children. They were the WORST calls to make- and I was someone who really reserved it as a last ditch option. Most teaches have a much lower threshold and higher duty to make that call as soon as possible.

Books cost money too, with the average parenting book costing $15. How many books will you be buying and reading looking for the magic strategy that helps you understand your child? How much will it cost you to read the book- have you considered this? It’s literally my job to read the books, know which ones are crap and which ones are worth the investment and guide my clients to the books that are right for their family to deepen the work. For example- I would never recommend “1-2-3 Magic” to anyone, ever.

Do me a favor- go take an inventory of how many books you’ve already purchased and never used. I would recommend investing in working with someone who can truly help you make significant change.

(Not covered in this blog is cost of rehab, therapy, divorce, boarding school, medication, wine, any other remediation or coping tools. Investing in coaching is investing in prevention.”

Parent Coaches help you save time.

Time is the most valuable of all these resources. Why? It’s the only non-renewable resource. The time you have is just that the time you have. Once the moment passes, it’s gone. And in those tantrums even though it feels like forever, it’s really just a small blip on the radar.

“I can’t wait until they’re older” is something I see often. But why? Is it because you believe that time will cure your child from the tantrums and meltdowns they are having? I have a spot of bad news if the answer to that last question is yes. Time alone does not solve behavior struggles. Though it does add a bit of capability to the equation, often time just becomes and escalating factor. The more times tantrums are giving in to- the worse they will become.

And let’s cut down to the chase. These are not days to be wished away faster- these are quite literally the only days you have with your family at this stage- I want my clients to enjoy them, not wish them away.

Because when they are gone, they are gone. No do overs or take backsies.

Looking to enjoy being around your child? I encourage you to reach out- stop wasting energy, money and time.

So let me introduce myself again! Hi, friends! I’m MegAnne and I help my clients save energy, money and time by helping teach them more effective strategies in raising their children with strong wills!

If this sounds like exactly what you need- now is the time to reach out! I am enrolling members for my group coaching program in July- but you can get on the wait-list now!

Ready to take the first step? Take my free quiz “How Kind is Your Family?” and learn you parenting style! Make sure to download the free parenting style guide that comes with and check out your strengths, liabilities, potential outcomes and some next steps to take!

Cheers to all your wins!