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What if everything is happening for you?

Hey friends, I'm going to ask you a question- and this question might bring up some big feelings, but I encourage you to sit with them and peel back the layers. Trust in the process.

When I first started asking myself this question I would feel hot all over, lots of pins and needles, and filled with defenses and excuses. Until I started sitting with this question more, in my morning meditation.

Over time, I started to be able to look into the pain, the struggle, the moment and start to see the bigger lessons that were underneath. The lessons that I would lean into and grow from. Moments to practice the tools I have to root back into positivity and growth instead of shutting down in defensiveness and shame.

(Speaking of shame, have you watched the Brene Brown special yet? SO GOOD! It's on Netflix!)

Okay so here's the question. It was asked this week to me, from a mentor Jasmine Star, and I pass it along to you.

Have you considered the crazy idea that everything you’re going through is preparing you for what you asked for?

Is it possible for you to believe that everything that’s happening (the tantrums, the let downs, the disappointment, the challenge) is happening FOR you?

Often times it’s tempting to ask, “WHY IS THIS HAPPENING TO ME??”

But, friend, you are more powerful than your circumstances. 

Hold your strength tightly in your soul, and change your perspective to believe, 


This is subtle and nuanced shift, but truth me it will create EPIC waves!

I can share with you from experience this week has been a true testament to this practice for me. Thursday was a roller coaster of highs and lows. But being able to ride the wave, glean the lessons, and leave the rest allowed me to grow, be compassionate, and hold firm boundaries!

Trust that everything is working in your favor.

And you know I'm here if you're ready to take the next step!

<3, MegAnne

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