The 12 Univseral Laws of Manifesting a Kind Family

Hey friends,

Today I wanted to share how to become fiercely aware of how to get our actions in alignment of where we WANT to go. Being the parent we hope to be and live into being our best self. In doing my own inner work- I’ve discovered from Kathrin Zenkina, of Manifestation Babe, the 12 Universal Laws.

As I started to become more and more aware of these 12 Universal Laws- I started to gain speed in making more empowered choices and learning how to release excuses, shame and blame- and start showing up and living my best life, living with my best relationships!

So in my own method- I’ve tailored the 12 Universal Laws to serve the role of raising a family. Because just as these have really helped me in my life- I want to help you in YOURS!

So without anymore delay- I present to you, The 12 Universal Laws of Manifesting Your Kind Family. You can CLICK HERE and get a FREE downloadable PDF guide that you and print out and study more and more!

  1. Law of Oneness: This is a foundational law. According to which- everyone in your home is connected- one unit. You are all in this together.

  2. Law of Vibration: Everyone in the family holds a vibration, or personality. Learning how to use everyone's vibes as a strength- leaning into each other. If your goal is to live a more connected life, consider how to rise everyone's vibes together.

  3. Law of Correspondence: Our outer world is a reflection of our inner world. Our inside beliefs influence the outside result. Digging below the surface to get to the root belief is the key to producing a more fulfilling family life.

  4. Law of Attraction: Like attracts like. The family around us will give us what we are putting out. By simply working on living a more positive and emotionally aware life- you are already using the law of attraction to create better.

  5. Law of Inspired Action: It is not enough to just WANT a more enjoyable family life. We must align our actions to what we hope to see reflected back at us. Acknowledge ALL the wins!

  6. Law of Energy: Everything around us is in constant flux- we need to release the control over the outcome and focus on the energy/vibe we bring to the task. Because what we think we will have.

  7. Law of Cause and Effect: All actions have a corresponding reaction. This is the law of choices and consequences. Use this law to answer the question- what do I want to feel like at home?

  8. Law of Compensation: You will receive what you put out. Blessings and miracles will come to those who put out blessing and miracles. You will reap what you sow- be mindful how you treat you family.

  9. Law of Relativity: No member of the family can be judged as "good" or "bad" until we look at them in relation to everyone in the family. This law is inviting you to hold perspective. By practicing this, we are disciplining our family with empathy.

  10. Law of Polarity: Everything has an opposite- and when we understand and hold perspective for these opposites we can fully understand our lives. There will be moments you don't like to help you identify what you DO like.

  11. Law of Rhythm: Life always happens in cycles- like the seasons. There will be moments to shine and moments to rest, to help the moments of growth.

  12. Law of Gender: This has little to do with our biological sex. This is more about the energies we have inside us all- the yin and the yang- the feminine and the masculine. It nods to find balance between kind and firm.

So there you have it- simply stated. These 12 Universal Laws help identify our role in being the dreamer of our dream. And seeing how when we work on bettering our inner world (mindset, confidence, compassion) we can see a HUGE change in our outer world.

Let me know in the comments our thoughts on how you can start applying these to you in your life!

And don’t forget to download the FREE PDF guide!