Good Families NEED Good Roots.

Good Families NEED Good Roots. — Be Kind Coaching | Certified Parent Coach | Positive Discipline | Parenting Tips, Advice, and Support

Hey friends! I hope you find this love note well. Before I share some thoughts I just wanted to say: You are an amazing parent. Everyday you are doing your best. No matter how many mistakes, yells, missteps- you are reading this letter- investing time in yourself and your family, growing and learning- YOU ARE A BADASS parent! So, this week lots of great wins were had and shared in my world- and it just reminded me how important rooting ourselves in a solid foundation is. Recently, I was chatting with a member of How to Build Your Kind Family and we were connecting about her career. She is an arborist! She lives in Seattle and is a Certified Arborist- which means she prunes and takes care of trees. Upwards of HUGE trees. While we were talking I asked her "What's the one thing that gets overlooked?" and she responded "Getting them planted correctly." It made me think about how a tree can grow for years, and then come crashing down in an instant when it finally surrenders to gravity. If it's not rooted in a solid manner. I've been mulling this idea over and over again since our chat several weeks ago- and I realized, that this is the same for families. If planted wrong, we too can grow up on an unstable foundation. At first, going unnoticed- until finally giving way and surrendering to the pressures of life. Any This Is Us fans? This week Beth went to visit her mother. During her visit she shared the news that she had been laid off several months before, never telling her Mom. Naturally, her Mom got pissed and while hashing it out, Beth shared "Want to know why my sister and brother never come to visit? They can't breathe around you, there's no air around you." BAM! UGH... There it was, the surrender under pressure. Going years unnoticed and under the radar until it CRACKED! Though Beth's Mom was doing her best each and every day to provide for her children, underneath there were needs not being expressed or heard that was contributing to the relationship fracture. Just like the tree. Which lead me to an idea. I want to invite you to join me in exploration during the month of March. Something I love doing is free group offerings- and in March (my birthday is March 1st) I want to celebrate all month with a free 4-week mini-course. This one is a bit different. It's a month long challenge focused on solving the mystery behind all the misbehavior in your life. The angering, annoying, hurtful, and hopeless moments- the moments that have you scratching your head and feeling totally overwhelmed- we're going to spend each week of March unpacking and exploring each of these types of behaviors! Finally understanding the power struggles, tantrums, and meltdowns that are happening and how to show up differently. So that our foundation can be strengthened and reinforced! Yeah, that's what this mini-course is all about! Ready for more awesomeness, JOIN here! Hope to see you inside and can't wait to support all your healthy foundation growing and root setting! Have a wonderful weekend, MegAnne P.S. If you're in Richmond my next LIVE workshop is at Ellwood Thompson's March 12th 6:30-7:30 pm- you can get tickets here: "Solving the Mystery of Misbehavior”