How I Self-Care


My self-care is not your self-care. Why? Because we’re different people craving our own needs to be met in our own ways. I want to share with you my self-care practice that sometimes gets overlooked too easily.

When talking about self-care there is the Cosmo definition of mani’s, pedi’s, and massages. Now, don’t get me wrong- I love a good massage, especially from Erin at Open Space Massage. But I’m talking about the type of self-care that feeds the soul and keeps me sane. There’s no amount of OPI nail polish that can deliver that for me. If you’re like my Mom then “I’m Not Really a Waitress Red” was her self-care but for me, not so much.

I want to share my top self-care habits that bring me joy and reset me, MegAnne.

Number 1: Saying “I love you but no.”

I am a yes girl. I LOVE saying yes. To any offer, invite, challenge, dinner- I love saying yes. I get an extreme sense of #FOMO when something is happening and I’m not there to enjoy it. Often times this comes with a huge energy invoice. After saying “yes” to so many things I often suffer through small moments of social burn out. These are times where I intentionally say “I love you, but I can not join” to events and invitations.

**Sometimes I have to type “No” with my eyes closed because it’s really difficult for me to do. Or before I answer I imagine what I will be doing and why I need to say ‘no’.**

Number 2: Listening to Podcasts

I love listening to people talk. I love learning and recently joined Audible to I can listen to all the books I never get a chance to read. I used to think that I hated learning, but realized that I just hated traditional school. I love learning. Listening to podcasts and storytellers brings me so much joy and education. My favorites of the moment are: My Favorite Murderer, The Next Tuesday Podcast, Hidden Brain and This American Life.

*fun fact* I have run two half marathons, and during both I listened to episodes of This American Life. It allowed me to focus not on the pain and run with a controlled pace.

Number 3: Random Acts of Kindness

I love doing small acts of kindness. I will pay for people’s tolls and buy the next person in line their coffee. Seeing the smile and sheer surprise on their face brings me so much joy. It always goes something like this “Oh, really? Wow! That’s awesome!” And both the giver and the getter both have huge smiles on their faces. Too many times have I been freaked out about not having toll money or craving coffee without my wallet, so I’m hoping that if I put out enough good juju into the universe it will circle back to me when I need it the most!

**It is the quickest way to shift out of a really pissy mood. The most pissed off you are, the more small acts of kindness and it will dissipate so fast.**

Number 4: Quarterly Get Aways

This year I pre-scheduled quarterly get aways to Natural Bridge at a really amazing cottage. I rented it 4 times a year and this forces me to put down work and leave Richmond for fun. Last year I realized that I didn’t leave Richmond or take a vacation- so as part of my 2019 Biz Plan I arranged these little breaks throughout the year. I planned them all in January and they have synced up perfectly to times where my burnout rate is approaching and I need to get away.

**This is where my parenting retreat will be in October!!! Details will be launching soon**

Number 5: Saying “yes!”

I get such powerful rushes from being spontaneous. I have really learned the benefits of keeping a routine- which affords me the true pleasure when I’m able to be flexible and say yes. Recently a friend of mine texted me the day before her son’s end of school picnic. She and her husband were both booked up and not able to make it and wondered if I would like to be their stand in. I was honored at the thought to ask and immediately jumped at the chance. My friend is on the Board of Kind Club and I was honored to be thought of as extended family. Well, P- her son, and I HAD A BLAST. We went to the pet store to check out furry animals and then spent exactly one hour at Chuck-E-Cheese playing all the games we could. It was so much fun. Basically I asked “So what do you want to do for the next 2 hours?” And within reason, I said YES! It was so exciting!

**But caution: Too many yes’s and you’ll land yourself back at the top of this list.**

These are ways that I break up my monotony and stay energized. Far from the spa music and white robe wearing but just the ways that I create pockets of self-care for me. Some of these are bigger and take more logistical planning- and others are really simple and free.

Email me here and share with me the ways you do self-care.