Why Won't You Just...


The Four-Letter Word that Signals it’s Time for a Coach.

There is one word in the English language that raises a HUGE white flag for me. This word comes out in times of desperation, exhaustion, and anger. This word simultaneously holds and limits immense power. If you find yourself using this word over and over again, especially directed at your children - it is time to work with a parent coach. That word is:


“Why can’t he just pick up his toys?”

“Why can’t I just stop yelling?”

“Why will you not just do your homework?”

“When will I just get some relief”


This tiny word packs tremendous power, it's acutally helping you label your goal. While you hold a positive goal, “just” becomes a backwards way of labeling that goal. When parents say to me: "Why can't he just pick up his toys?" what I hear is "I want him to pick up his toys!" Often our goals are masked by using the word "just". What I help my clients uncover is their goals and help build them a strategy to reach those goals. You “just” become unaware that you can achieve it. I work to create awareness and hope that all your JUSTS can become reality, magic can really happen.

There is, in fact, another tiny word that creates this magic: 


I agree with Carol Dweck. I am in love with the word yet, too.

We are not there yet, but we’re working on it and will get there. "Yet" offers us hope and patience. "Yet" creates the roadmap to get there. "Yet" is encouraging. I love the word yet.

“Why can’t he just pick up his toys?” can magically become “He doesn’t know how to pick up his toys yet!” It offers a way out of the box. A way to remove the label. Hope that we can start to change the dissatisfaction in our life. We are just not there yet, but we will get there. And I will help you get there!

I love when someone comes to me with all their JUSTS and we transform them into YETS! 

Do you have a list of JUSTS that you would like to turn into YETS? If so, let’s talk!

My doors to new clients are closing May 15th, I will be focused on nurture and growth over the summer. I will be READY TO BLAST the doors back open in the Fall! If you’re looking for a coach, now is a fabulous time to work together!