Hi, Friends- I Feel Good!

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I am so stoked for 2019, let me tell you why!

Over the past 2 1/2 years coaching parents, launching Kind Club and nurturing a growing community of amazing parents, I have loved every single moment of it. But what I didn’t love, was the frantic feeling I had each and every month wondering “What am I going to do next?” Slowly over this past year, I have been working more towards gaining clarity and refocusing to become laser focused and more importantly- ORGANIZED. And today I am here to share that I have reached a new level.

As I write this blog, it is to hold myself accountable to my 2019 goals. To clearly lay out my business plan, so YOU, my community, can hold me accountable to growing.

First is coaching: I LOVE coaching parents, and this past year I have made a MASSIVE switch in my business as I only coach parents online now. I use a platform called ZOOM which is an amazing connector to families all over the world. I love the flexibility this offers, and I have seen a noticeable decline in rescheduled appointments, cancellations and no-shows. I believe this is because zoom is the more flexible of any meeting space. I have talked to parents in the car, on the train and even in vacation in Maine. If you have a phone, you have a parent coach in your grasp! It’s amazing!

Next is classes! Last year I was able to hold 4 online parenting classes, and I learned SO MUCH! I love bringing together groups of parents so that we can all work on this journey together. I find it allows for strong connection and support in knowing you’re not alone in the painful, confusing, and hurtful moments- there is a group of people who are there to lift you up and celebrate your wins so much more! I will never forget what Jill, a Mom from Missouri said after our first class together “I was really nervous meeting someone from online, but I have never felt closer to a group of people as I did to the group of strangers halfway across the country!” Jill would meet in her office during her lunch break!

This coming up year I will be offering a LIVE 7 week parenting class FOUR times a year. So this will provide four times that I will be holding this space and welcoming in kick ass, kind parents. We will work from recorded modules and meet once a week to discuss and unpack all the content together- the awesome news is that with each new addition they will be welcomed in by the alumni group! Each session my community of positive parents will grow! I AM STOKED!

Last, is my NEW Membership offer. I have been leaning into a more cost effective and time effective offering. I know coaching and classes can sometimes be a fiscal inability and a time inability- so I have created a HOW-TO guide of sorts called “The Re-Story Routine”. Each month my members will be delivered a monthly e-zine all around a big scary topic. Examples include: Disappointment, Hope, Patience, and Guilt. Each issue will have recommended reading along with a coaching script on how to implement the powerful messages in the books. I will be helping you use story time as way to build your child’s social and emotional intelligence. Kinetic Reading is what I’m calling it. Reading in action.

Over the past month I have mapped out, content created, and PLANNED it all out using a spreadsheet- holy smokes y’all- if you know me in real life you know that spreadsheets made my eyes go cross. But finally I am organized, planned, and focused in bringing positive parenting to more and more people.

Thank you for being part of my community and always supporting and loving me. Each read, comment, like and share really helps me show up more and more.

I really look forward to having an amazing 2019!
Are you? Let me know in the comments!

P.S. I nearly forgot- each month I’ll be hosting a FREE Parenting Party online! It will be a curated topic discussion with time at the end for Q&A. Register here, and share it with a friend!