I Want More Inclusive Conversations!!!

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Inclusive: including or covering all the services, facilities, or items normally expected or required.

Have you all been seeing what I’ve been seeing? Something that I have totally been digging in a big big way. Something long overdue and the spark of something bigger coming. This is a small ripple to the mainstream paradigm but I am excited to watch as the wave hits.

I have been seeing brands welcome in inclusive models and showcase their work to an inclusive audience and it brings me so much joy! The more we accept, show and love the more positivity in the world there will be. Bringing light to the people in the shadows makes us all so much more stronger.

So I wanted to give a virtual high-five to the amazing brands I’ve seen step up! If you have more to add to my list, shout the out in the comments!

  1. Apple.

    The entire advertisement displays the inclusive vision of their products. Helping a bind man take a photo of his child, a woman exercising in her wheelchair, and the twist at the end. This ad is beautiful. Showing how technology can actually equal the playing field and make so much accessible.

2. Nike

I love this ad. I love this ad so much. Showcasing athletes that have persevered, sacrificed and followed their dreams. Inspiring hope to all who have a big crazy dream to go out and achieve it. I definitely get tears whenever I watch this ad.

3. Axe

I have to admit, that typically Axe ads are not my favorite. They typically feed into the hyper masculine culture of portraying men as sexy beasts, emotionally dead, and out to attract all the “hot babes”. When I came across this ad, I fell in love. “Is it ok for guys…” takes real google searches and shows them that the answer is YES! Yes it is okay for guys to find themselves. In the comments someone mentions “Why do guys need to google these questions” this is a blog post for another day!

4. Always

I remember the first time I saw this ad. It was a total mindset shift for me as well. I watched the first part and giggled along. Probably in my head agreeing- yes, this is what it would look like. And then the midway when there is a pivot, I totally felt goosebumps. I love ads that challenge the mindset and paradigm we’ve been living in. Ask us to think and in the process change the way we are thinking.

We still have such a long way to go, but I am so enjoying the wave of inclusive ad space. Showing up and showcasing real people. Inspiring true values and not just “BUY MY PRODUCT TO KEEP YOU PERFECT!” I feel like the more we lean into this model the more conversations will be had and bridges made.

Children need to see this ads and start to have this conversation. Children are in classrooms with people who look different, feel different, and act different from themselves. Children need adults to facilitate and welcome in discussions about inclusivity and how we can all be play a role in the healing. I believe that in order to truly be inclusive this is a conversation we need to start having with everyone. Celebrating differences, welcoming in the challenging conversations, and breaking down the stereotypes that people who have a different need is in some way disabled. I truly believe we all have individual needs and are more a like than different.

Giving marginalized groups of people platforms to stand on helps breaks the labels and stigmas. Giving voices to people who feel different and taking away power from perfection. This is a conversation we can all benefit from.

I want more! More more more!

Also, I’d love to have a massage by a cat.