Be Kind Coaching on The Next Tuesday Podcast

Suzi on the left, Caroline on the right!

Suzi on the left, Caroline on the right!

Recently, a pretty magical event happened.

I was on a podcast!


This was the second podcast I was interviewed on, but the first to drop. It was the first time I was able to listen to myself talk about Be Kind Coaching and Kind Club and listen to all the bad ass things I've been able to create for myself. So, I wanted to share this with you all. <3

Suzi Rice and Caroline Fox created an awesome space for #bossbabes, The Next Tuesday Podcast. This podcast highlights female entrepreneurs, allowing them to share their personal journey. Getting down and dirty on how to stay authentic and tuned into your intuition- all while building a kick ass business. Sometimes much easy to talk about, then practice. I am honored to be highlighted with such an amazing group of powerful women!

Take a listen to my episode right here- Episode 25- Get Comfortable with the Uncomfortable.

While listening, I was reminded how important validation is, for everyone.

When you start a new venture, business or family, it can open you up to feeling very vulnerable. Often, it invites criticism and judgments, to the choices you make. People around you can get caught up in sharing what *they* would do, instead of listening to what you are doing. I fell into this trap, and still do, often. I question the choices that I'm making and get overwhelmed in thinking that I'm doing something "wrong" when it isn't the same at the next business owner. I am learning to sit quietly and become very certain that the moves I make in my business are right for me, and let go of the feeling that I need external validation. Not to say that I do it perfectly every time, but to be honest- perfection is never my goal.

Designing your own system and process is no easy task, in family or business. Suzi and Caroline have created the celebration of having the courage to start! Same with being a parent, it's time to celebrate the journey and courage for just doing it! Let's validate the individual feelings that can pop up during the process and stay away from criticizing the personal choices made. Feeling overwhelmed? Yeah, what you're doing can be an overwhelming process. Feeling joy? Absolutely- this is a wonderful journey keep doing it. Feeling tired? Yeah, being a parent can be tiring. Let's all agree that there is no perfect way to parent and just honor each other's personal choices to design the family of their choosing. That's magic.

In her book, Yes, Please!, Amy Poehler writes one of my favorite mantras:

"That is the motto women should constantly repeat over and over again. 'Good for her! Not for me.'"

The Next Tuesday Podcast allows for female #bossbabes from all different backgrounds and industries to share their story and feel validated in all the choices that were made to get them to this point. All the lessons learned and the awesome wins to share!

Some of my favorite episodes are:

  • Episode 15- with Stinson Mundy from Linden Legal Strategies. Stinson is a lawyer, specializing in small business law. She is a total boss babe and is working on helping turn Kind Club into a Non-Profit. Her son is a Charter Member and the cutie behind the quote "Flexible with your attitude". My favorite part of her podcast is when she shared the story of her first litigation case.

  • Episode 18- with Julia Warren from CelebrateRVA. Julia started this Non-Profit when she was in high school! A pretty inspiring story of when you know better, you do better. This woman shares her bad ass story about bringing joy to children, through celebrating their birthday!

  • Episode 21- with Maegan Hodge from Centered Acupuncture and Wellness. Meagan brings a unique approach to wellness and health. While at a retreat, Meagan taught us what it was like to read your pulse. I found it really awesome that your pulse and give you huge clues to how your body is working efficiently.  She read my pulse and gave me some feedback on what it told. (Erin LaMountain also shares her space downtown and gives kickass massages!)

  • Episode 27- with Seo Kelleher from Seo Kelleher- intuitive coach. I get so much from Seo as a friend and ally. This episode is so moving. How to shift your mindset and create a huge change in your life and business- this episode does it.

This dynamic duo is quickly expanding and interviewing other powerful women in new markets to highlight how many strong women there are creating their own path!

Thank you, Suzi and Caroline, for creating such a fabulous platform to validate women doing kick ass things in their community!