Kind Update


I want to take a moment and catch everyone up to date with the growth that Be Kind Coaching has been experiencing! The past six months have been an amazing time of growth. Be Kind Coaching has quickly expanded and I have been so blessed by the amazing support and community I am finding in Richmond. 

Thank you universe. 

Coaching update:

I have worked with 8 amazing families in the past six month. Each family came to me in a moment of frustration and the work we were able to do together constantly puts a smile on my face. Offering perspective, education, and support in learning a new pattern is truly my passion. Showing adults a new way to approach tantrums and melt downs, that sets everyone up for success is so empowering. If you're interested in learning more- check this page out!

"I got woke to parenting"- All star Dad finding his parenting voice

"I kept prompting him like you taught me and it worked like a charm!"- Nanny to 2, two-year-old boys

"So I just had a meeting with H's teacher and she had nothing but positive comments. He's doing awesome, ready for kindergarten and behaving. Proud Mommy moment"- Mom of two, with a very active 4.5 year old boy

Kind Club update:

This is quickly becoming some of my most cherished moments in Be Kind Coaching. I have built two clubs that are quickly expanding and growing as well. 

The first club is named POWER. This is a dynamic group of children that will be crafting a project this session that will focus around "Planting trees to help save animals". The children will be interviewing Elizabeth from Richmond Animal League and start brainstorming how they can help! 

Kind Club Power meets at 2:30-3:30pm and more information can be found here!

The second club is named SUPERSTARS. This group is a mix of original Kind Club members and new club members. This past week they interviewed Natalie May from Change the World RVA. In the discussion a member mentioned if donating a bike would be a good way to help. This was well received by Natalie and I'm sure we will launching our project around getting bikes for Change the World RVA. 

Kind Club Superstars meets at 4:00-5:00pm and more information can be found here!

Parent Chats:

Lastly, the third pillar of Be Kind Coaching is focused around building a community of empowered parents. For this program I have brought in Kate Lipka to join the crew as Parent Program Director.  We are crafting two chats a month that will bring together parents on different legs of the parenting journey to ask questions anonymously and start a facilitated chat. 

Empower the Mama and the Papa meets the first Friday of the month at 9:00am

Whine and Wine Wednesday meets the 3rd Wednesday of the month at 7:00pm

$12 before/ $15 at the door

I can not wait to give another update in 6 months to how the first year of growth was! I am constantly amazed how this journey has developed for me. I have learned how to trust my instincts- jump!!! and build as I go.