Good-bye 2016. Hello 2017!


I find is quite fitting, that when I sit down to write this post, Sam Cooke's               "A Change is Gonna Come" comes rocking through my speakers!

(I take that as a good sign!)

Bring on 2017! 

Before I look totally ahead to the new year, that's fast approaching- I'd like to take a moment and reflect on 2016, for all it meant to me.

  1. In January, while driving down 95, Jason (my husband) threw out the *crazy* idea of me doing what I love and become a parent coach.
  2. Later that month, I went back to school to become a certified parent coach!
  3. July 4th was my personal Independence Day, forming my LLC
  4. Finally in September, I launch Be Kind Coaching, and signed on my first client!

That was an amazing whirlwind of a year- for sure! I am really excited to be channeling that energy and excitement straight through 2017 as well! I am looking forward to:

  1. Building my 1:1 client work- interested
  2. Launching my first Kind Club!
  3. Working with Avian and take "Organize Your Family" to schools and centers

This year is going to be a fabulous one.

I've set my New Year's Resolution as my First Year's Resolution-

I want to spend this year growing.

By growing, I mean from all facets, not just numbers on a spread sheet. 

- I want to create as many new business opportunities as I can, making a conscious decision to mindfully say "Yes, of course!" as well as "No, not right now".

- I want to soak in as many learning engagements as I can, continuing to grow my tools in my personal tool box.

- I want to be better about asking for "help" and making sure to reach out when I need it.

- I want to build and connect to my community as many times as I can through out the year!

Identifying a goal is easy to do, achieving the goal is the tricky part. You have to build a system that will allow for the right amount of support and accountability. I have apps and documents  that help me track my numerical growth, conferences booked to support my educational growth- but I need a way to support my community connection- for that I need your help! (see what I did there?!)

I'd love to invite you to come join me for a fun low cost time each month. The goal is to create a like minded community of great families looking to hang out with other like minded great families in Richmond! I've looked for low cost/free events that will connect you to some of my most loved places in Richmond, that are family friendly! So please, make sure to check in month at Be Kind Coaching to check in on that month's fun family hang out!

The first of the year is at Libbie Mill Library, I will be there January 7th from 2:30 - 3:30 pm enjoying the reading nooks in the windows and checking out all the great reads available to check out and take home! Come join me and explore a really cool new library in town. It's always great to start the year with a good book!

Hmm...maybe that will lead to a future book club...

All the upcoming dates and more can be located on my Facebook! I hope to see you all soon!