Rain in Richmond- 4 fun places to check out!

It's raining

It's pouring

The old man is snoring

Bumped his head and went to bed

And didn't wake up in the morning


If you are finding yourself stuck inside looking for things to do with small ones, here's a list of all my favorite indoor places to visit today, in Richmond, VA.

1. Libbie Mill Library

This library is spectacular! Downstairs there is a beautiful children's space. This area has wonderful books to read and amazing places to read those books. There are large couches, cozy chairs, and my personal favorite soft window nooks. I love cuddling up in those nooks with a stack of books and reading them all, the added bonus of the rain ambiance would be extra cozy this morning!

Suitable for all ages! They even have a teen center upstairs.

2. Perk! 

Perk! can be found on the south side of Richmond tucked in the neighborhood of Bon Air. They serve awesome locally sourced treats with a very heartfelt space. There is a space tucked near the rear of the coffee shop that allows for free play and exploration. Today would be a great day for a coffee and some chalk drawing!

Suitable for ages 5 and under, the play area has play kitchens and the likes. 

3. Cartwheels and Coffee

Another coffee and play shop! This awesome place is tucked in Carytown and is a very child focused play space! They offer an admissions cost and that will get you into 3 spacious rooms of children playing! In the back there is dress up and kitchen play, the middle room offers a tumble space and trampolines, and the front space is perfect for bringing a coloring book or small craft! Each day they offer a different enrichment class that is covered by your admission. 

Suitable for ages 5 and under, has space for small children to big kids and movement!


Have you hung out at the VMFA recently? They have an amazing early childhood program that runs throughout the week. I've linked you to the preschool art classes that you can take a looksy at and find something that interests you. My favorite part about creating art with children is that is boosts creativity and confidence, there's no wrong way to create art! If you don't make it there today for a cool class make sure to check out the Open Studio's offered every first Sunday of the month from 1-4pm. This program is completely free, children must be accompanied by an adult, it features an artist and a project that relates to that artist! 

Suitable for all ages- check the schedule of classes for specific ranges per class

Bonus activity: Embrace the rain and put on all your waterproof gear and head outdoors for puddle jumping, rain drop catching, and umbrella twirling!

If you have any other ideas you would like to share- please join the Be Kind Coaching Facebook page and start a conversation or share a photo of your family in these family hot spots! I would love to see and hear about everyone else's indoor activities!