Getting started is always the hardest part.

I'm scared of the internet.

I'm scared of the internet.

I want to welcome myself to the land of online blogging. It is an intimidating beast that truly scares and frightens me. I am instantly filled with so much self doubt every time I take a peek at the website and see the word "Blog" as the first listing, knowing it sits blank. 

So this morning I decided to do something about that and CHANGE my feelings on this beast, but how?

By taking a huge deep breath, a sip of coffee, and just start. As I am writing this I am filled with a whole body sense of overwhelm. "What if..." questions and "STOP! DANGEROUS MISSION!" fill my head. My mind trying to keep me safe and hidden which is how I have been in the past. But today I have decided to rip the band aid off and start typing.

This sentiment perfectly echoes what coaching is about.

Coaching is about targeting something you would like to have change in your life. Then working towards achieving that change. This involves some exploration, education, accountability and my favorite part celebration of victories! So today I took my first step by nervously writing this blog. And after I hit "SAVE" I will have a personal celebration, because I did it!

This process (the blog, for me) will be messy, dirty, tearful even, but in the end it will be a beautiful anthology of what I have created and what my clients have created in their own lives. 

I have to start somewhere!


If you are interested in finding out how you can achieve your goals- be brave and reach out- I'd love to chat!