Below are a bunch of my trusted local and educational resources, please take a peek and let me know if you're looking for an introduction to any of these amazing people! It takes a community, and I've got a pretty good one!

Amanda Montgomery- Amanda is a phenomenal garden educator and garden coach. Her business Hummingbird Gardens will take your breath away. She will come to your house and help your family learn how to grow amazing items! Rooting yourself and your family is a very powerful activity to bring to your house.

Avian Mills- Avian is a wizard in organization. She is the awesome owner of Closets & Kids. She has a multitude of services that she offers on organizing you and your home for success! 

Becca Campbell- Becca is the proud owner of Little Z's Sleep Consulting. Need to get more Z's- she's the one I'd call!

Britney Vaccaro- Britney has a true gift in working with the practice of ABA. She has a truly inspiring high ethical approach to working with children with special needs. 

Deanna Rogowski- Deanna has such amazing attention to detail. She calls herself "Your Possibilities Realtor" and she truly is. She will work tooth and nail to find what is right for you and your family!

Keith Reynolds- Keith has found a true calling in combining business networking in a passionate way. Building a strong network of local RVA businesses and non-profits has added such value to our community. If you're looking for a great way to give back and network, look no further!

Medical Home Plus- Medical Home Plus is a magical Non-Profit helping families with special health care needs find the right services for your family!

Perk!- Perk constantly delivers excellent service on all fronts. If you're looking for an amazing local coffee shop that is extremely friendly to children and disabilities- please check them out. 

Seo Kelleher- Seo is a all around badass, strong, inspiring women. She is an intuitive coach that create huge movement is her client's lives.  

Whole Brain Child- This book is AMAZING! This is my most recommended book to parents looking for a deeper look into how brain healthy techniques can build social/emotional healthy people! I especially love how in the back of the book there is an ages and stages break down to applying their approach. A+

** Check back often, this list will continue to grow!**