Parent Coaching

 Shared with me with the message, "For your website: parenthood in one photo!" 

Shared with me with the message, "For your website: parenthood in one photo!" 


Time out!

Chances are, if you've managed to find your way to this tab, you probably have asked yourself some of the following questions about your family:

* What does it take to get my kid to just clean up?
* Why do they do this all the time?
* How can I get them to stop doing that? NOW!
* You liked peanut butter yesterday, why not now?
* Why does everything have to be a battle?
* Are you listening to me? Why don't you listen to me

So there's good news and some not so good news- which would you like first?

Good news:

Okay...Good news is- you're not alone! These questions evoke feelings that are felt by parents all over the world! If you've logged on to any social media following you will bear witness to plenty of your friends and family lamenting over the follies of their families, using humor to express how they're working through it. It is a tough job managing all the lives in a family, in a beautiful seamless picturesque way. There is so much pressure we put on ourselves to say/do/be perfect all the time so that our children will grow up to be wonderful human beings. Some more good news- it's OKAY not to be perfect! It's more than okay to not be perfect. It's human nature to not be perfect. It's perfectly not be perfect! (Now...deep breath- in...then out, slowly!)

Now, the not so good news: 

There is no single "right answer", there is an infinite amount of right answers. There are hundreds of different books and theories out there on the market (many even contradict each other). It can be so confusing when you're just trying to do the "right way". It's often hard, challenging, more confusing and frustrating working through what the best way is. 

A wonderful thing about being a parent, though, is how resilient children are to just about anything. Meaning there is no "right way" to do it, only your way. Families are just as unique as fingerprints, meaning no two families are the same, and that is true for children. What may work for one child/family, is totally opposite of what can work for another child/family- and in that idea, lays the most difficult challenge of being a parent, figuring out which way is best for you.

But wait!

What if there was a way to educate yourself, and your family, about different strategies and techniques that could possible work? 

And what if those strategies and techniques are tailored to your specific needs as a family unit?

AND! What if there are techniques you could learn that would allow you to first connect with your child before redirecting them? 

Crazy, You say?

Not for me! This is just what I do!

Working with families in their place of choice, typically in their home, on a 1:1 dynamic might be the perfect solution for you and your family. 

Coaching is about finding what feels right to you and your family. It is a forward thinking approach to creating specific and measurable goals and developing an action plan on how to meet those goals together with a lot of support and accountability. First, finding out what is working in your parenting, your strengths, and building on those!

 This is why I love my job! I get to see people succeed each and every day, working towards what truly makes them feel happy at home.

Working to create a kind, positive, firm but fair, system that works for you, and your family.

That's what I do. 

If you're looking for a new approach and fresh perspective to help you overcome your parenting challenges, let's chat